Hello, my name is Jade Robertson.

I have always had a love for fashion as it runs in my blood. It started with both my great grandmother and grandmother who were both seamstresses and highly opinionated women when it came to their style.

My mother followed in their footsteps by learning how to sew but choosing a different career path. My whole life was spent around fabrics and I saw creations come to life. 

The beginning of 2012 saw I completed me Bcom Law degree, and at the brink of starting LLB degree, I started to create my own online world. 

Just Jade was born as a creative outlet and a means to escape a life that seemed rather black and white. Along with the creation of my blog came a life filled with colour, fashion, beauty, events and all kinds of  opportunities. 

I'm currently working to bring you an inspirational blog that does not only aim to inspire but to further open the minds of my readers. Keeping things local with big dreams of reaching an international status, readers can relate and learn from the writings and works of Just Jade.