Hey babes! 

Myself and my friend Melissa from Melissani Makeup put this little video together for you guys. It's a quick review about the Fresh Nude Foundation from The Body Shop, I have done a more in depth one previously and you can check it out HERE. Hit the play button and watch until the end to hear what we had to say about the product. Find you more about the product by following the #FindYourMatchSA. 

I hope you guys enjoy it! 


Hey Darlings!

I’ve never done a “favourites” blog post yet so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do one and the fact that I am totally obsessed with a whole bunch of products right now kind of helped it along. I’ve been meaning to share these with you guys for a while now but it seems I can’t bring myself to stop using them and actually just sit down and do a post about them. I tried to focus more on cosmetic products because these can basically be used by anyone, whereas other beauty products are more personalised to a person and do need a more in depth explanation.


1.     Flormar Illuminating Primer:

I am soooo obsessed with this Primer; I’ve been using it for about a month now. The texture is smooth and has a cooling effect. This primer is amazing for hydration; it is moisturizing but doesn’t make the skin oily. This is amazing for all skin types, your skin will soak it right up, this primer also doubles as filler so those wrinkles and creases under the eyes are nothing to bother about. The packaging is simple and durable and the price is even better at R279.00, this is definitely a must try and buy!


2.     LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Definition Concealer

This could be my favourite out of all my favourites this month. The LA Girl Concealer is a gift from above; it is a medium to full coverage concealer depending on how you use it. The packaging is in a squeeze tube but the little brush on the end makes the application so easy. It covers blemishes and dark circles. The concealer is hydrating and you just need to use a little to get the desired coverage you need. The concealer comes in 18 shades so there’s one for all of you out there and last but not least is the mind blowing price of R44.95!!! (They can be found at Dischem stores).


3.     Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zing

The Brow Zing Kit consists of a soft, pigmented wax that defines and shapes brows and a color complementing powder to keep them looking wow, a hard angle brush, a blending brush and a pair of tweezers for pesky hairs. The hard angled brush and the powder does the best job of outlining my brows and the wax and blending brush keeps the hairs in place and fills them out perfectly. I haven’t come across a better brow kit and for just over R300 it’s definitely worth it.


4.     Benefit Hydration Mist

I’ve received this recently so I only used it a hand full of times but I can’t rave enough about the results. I went out this past Sunday and the temperatures outside were quite warm, I sprayed on some hydration mist before leaving the house and my makeup stayed in place the entire day. My selfie game was quite strong, my skin looked extremely smooth all day long and no foundation or concealer touch up was needed.


5.     Flormar Lipstick

I’ve been obsessed with the Flormar Revolution Lipstick ever since they landed on SA’s shores. This month I love the shade Violet – Code R02, the revolution lipstick has always had amazing pigment and vibrancy in the shades. It’s super moisturizing and enriched with shea, Olive, Cocoa and Olive butter as well as orchid complex and anti-oxidants. It has long lasting qualities but I always find that reapplication is needed after I eat. The lipstick goes for R149 and is well worth it.


6.     Lashem Brow Tint

I was recently using the Bene Brow which is amazing but switched over to this when I received and preferred it out of the two. The application is easy and never messes, the tint dries quickly and gives the desired effect. Why I chose this over the Bene Brow is because the colour is more vivid.


7.     Mac Global Glow Bronzer

I love everything about this product; it gives your skin the best shimmery glow. I love wearing it on my cheeks as well as my décolletage area. This product is extremely long lasting and never needs a second application. It can also be used as a highlighter and to set your makeup. A definite must try for everyone!


8 & 9.     Benefit's They’re real mascara & Roller Lash

Benefit’s new kid on the block, Roller Lash, is standing toe to toe against their world’s number one selling mascara. However there is a difference between the two and it comes down to personal taste or preference. The Roller Lash is a curling mascara but the formula is just as amazing than that of the They’re Real mascara. If you’re looking for vava voom and don’t mind a straight lash too much then you’re definitely a They’re Real girl. If a curled lash is what you want then Roller Lash is for you.


10.     Benefit's Watts up Highlighter

This product is amazing! It is a natural highlighter for all skin tones; the highlighter comes off in a champagne colour with soft pink and beige undertones. The packaging is electrifying and is imitated after a little light saber. It has the highlighter on one end and a little application sponge on the other. I love the application sponge because not only is it hygienic it helps tone down the highlighter.