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LOOK: Ball Park

I’m not quite over the sports trend and according to some run ways it’s here to play this season, the trick with the trend is not to focus to much on sportswear but rather items in light fabrics, denim or leather that are sports inspired. Jogger pants are also a simple way of pulling off this trend, pair it with a beautiful shirt or blouse and an ankle strap sandal (my favourite) I promise it will add volumes to your outfit.

The best thing about this trend is that it can work for allbody types, you need to evaluate which pieces work best with your body and stick to those. For example, If you have a smaller body type, the jogger pants would look cool on you, as it gives it that baggy look naturally. Box tees don’t work for all small body types, it can come off looking very slouchy and too big for you, I would recommend that you pair the jogger with a more fitted tank or tee.

Ladies with medium body types can play around with this trend, nothing should look too tight or too big for you, keep it looking comfortable, looking comfortable and chic at the same time is the key to hitting this trend out of the park!

If you have a bigger body type, the box tee would be perfect for you, along with a sporty hat and you can pair it with a pair of jeans that you’re comfortable in. Another option would be to get the baggier kind of jogger pants (but make sure it doesn’t look sloppy) and then you could opt for a box tee or a more fitted tee, remember you look best when you feel confident so love what you wear and that will immediately radiate from you.


Cap: Mr Price – Sold out Online

Sunglasses: YDE

Box Tee: Mr Price 

Denim Jogger: Mr Price 

Shoes: Truworths (This exact shoe is sold out but I added a link to the next best thing)