Hey Guys! 

I have some fun and exciting news. I've teamed up with Ford for a period of three weeks in which I'll be doing five outfit of the day posts with this frozen white Ford Fiesta. I love our city and I'll definitely be utilizing it to the fullest. This is my very first post, I hope you love it and keep your eyes peeled for the next four ;)! 

Details: Dress & heels - Zara, Coat (Menswear) - G Star Raw


Hey loves!

Not too long ago I embraced the real world and finally got a ‘real’ job. After 3 years of Bcom law, 2 years of LLB and 6 months of Law School I was more than ready and quite frankly super excited to start working. I think it was also the fact that you get an actual salary that excited me, but who knows, let’s just say I was looking forward to the experience.

It boggles many people why I chose a career in law, I myself wonder about it. I am however pleasantly surprised at how much I’m enjoying it. The practical experience is ten times better than the actual studying. Lawyers or attorneys, as I like to refer to them (I’m still a candidate attorney), are infamously known for the white collar appeal.  Always suited up or wearing black and white. It’s a very stereotypical career and many have this idea of what an attorney should dress like. Don’t get me wrong there are boundaries but the world around us is evolving and we can’t be expected to wear black and white all the time. We are human beings and while some might not express their moods and feelings through the way they dress, there are many of us that do.

The world has many colours to offer and as a legal debutant I’ve been taught not to discriminate, whether it’s race, culture or religion. So I won’t be holding anything against green, orange or any other beautiful colours made available to me.

Once I started work I went on a major work wear shopping spree, I won’t lie, 95% of what I bought was black and white hahaha. It only makes it easier to pair with colours and when in court one has to follow certain regulations and I have to dress appropriately, which I agree with. Appropriately however isn’t defined as ‘Black and White’, in this post I demonstrate how black and white doesn’t have to be ‘black and white’.

If you’d like to steer away from the typical black skirt white shirt look, opt for something with patterns like I did here. You could easily mix dots and stripes or grids and hound’s-tooth like I did here. Mixing larger prints with smaller ones work too. This takes a boring or typical black and white look and changes it into something fun and fresh while still being office appropriate. If a double print is too adventurous for your style opt for a printed top or a printed skirt paired with something solid with black or white or take a risk and opt for a colour.

Another essential tip I could give you would be to remember that a classic bag and court heel are you best friends but the trick is remembering that they’re not your only friends. In this post you see that instead of a black bag I opted for a two toned bag and instead of a black court heel I chose a sandal instead. Both are simple changes with major effects, they chic up the outfit and keeps from falling into a routine of wearing the same shoes and bag every day, different but still super appropriate.

Even though some colours (like neons) aren’t really appropriate for the office it doesn’t mean that black and white are the only colours that are. I’m looking forward to shooting a lot more work looks that the typical office girl wouldn’t necessarily be wearing. My first day on the job, I was dressed head to toe in pastel colours.

I hope that you guys will take from this and add a bit more colour or some print to your everyday work wear. Remember you have to be appropriate but you don’t have to lose your individuality or personal style. Don’t conform!

Outfit details: 

Shirt & Skirt – Mr Price

Shoes – Zoom footwear

Bag – Paul’s Boutique (Stuttafords)

Sunglasses – YDE